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The wedding preparations, those prior to the ceremony in which you are preparing to enjoy your big day, moments can sometimes be of the most stressful. After several years as a wedding photographer I have seen couples enjoy those moments in an atmosphere of "quasi-spa"; but I have also witnessed moments of genuine emotional chaos with shouts and tears.
Prepare your home (or your parents) has a very large emotional component and probably feel more "welcome". On the other hand, dressed in a hotel or on the farm where you celebrate the wedding means more convenience to avoid travel to the ceremony, also they tend to offer a very attractive decorated for photographing.
Both options are valid if you consider that to have good photographs of wedding preparations is advisable to have two things: space and light.
Choose the brightest room available, so allow your photographer to work with natural light. It is also a good idea to be a large place and most orderly possible.
Sometimes there may be more than 5 or 6 people around the couple, including makeup / hair salon, aides to put the dress, photographer, videographer ... so it's best to keep this in mind when choosing the room in which you are preparing or you can end up like in the cabin of the Marx Brothers .

Do your best to do your hair and makeup in the same place where you go to dress. It may be something a little more expensive, but really worth.
You will not have to wait for possible delays with other clients or move away from your home / hotel several hours before the ceremony, what you gain in time and tranquility. Also, your photographer will thank you, because those moments makeup / hair salon are very rich visually.
Yes, even your hairdresser @ / make - up artist is endeavoring @ do not let them cover the head with a rag to wear the dress. Believe me, I've seen and do not want to have pictures of that moment as if it will keep a burke.
They are supplements that usually do not use most of us, so it is not more than a few days before you check that the league does not slide down your leg every two steps.
Try on the lingerie if you're going to use garter belt, it is not easy to adjust the means and tapes.

Asks who will go to help put the dress rehearsal with the happy little buttons back (do not know how many times I've heard this "test in this dress seemed easier”). A crochet hook or fork will be helpful to manicure your assistants not suffer.
The key to avoid getting overwhelmed by stress is doing not try to control everything and delegates those tasks that you should not necessarily do it yourself. Similarly, it prevents anyone who has a little problem go to tell you: "your aunt second broke a nail", "Jacinto cousin did not know how to get to church", "Estrellita, the little girl who will carry the rings, she has been spotted dress lollipop.”
A good idea might ask a bridesmaid or someone you trust to take care of solving these small crises.
Photographers accompany each pair throughout the day, from wedding preparations to the party. This gives us a broader than that of any other vendor (accept, perhaps, some overview wedding planner) and we can to bring you ideas for any time of the wedding.
Do not you think it's a good idea to let advice from someone who has lived tens or hundreds of weddings and that his priority is to have the best pictures of your wedding?

With these ideas you will probably have a quieter wedding preparations, but surely there will be many more tips to contribute.
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10 tips for photographing outdoor US

U.S. National Park Service (United States National Park Service) during the official photo of horizontal activities visited National Park in the United States where more than 100. I was able to learn the necessary tricks when taking pictures taken between Parks traveled to many parks throughout. The following recipe will deliver the columns kinds you can take great pictures outdoors.
It is planning on a US national park trip? Find the information you need here.
Utah Canyon lands National Park (Canyon lands National Park) look a little investigating about Mesa Arch (Mesa Arch) that I can quickly tell that a lot of the most photographed places in the park. The reason is easy to see.
1. Look for the best location before arrival.

Now, already, Yellowstone (Yellowstone) and Grand Canyon (Grand Canyon), or the Great Smoky Mountains (Great Smoky Mountains) it looks like you've arrived at. Now what should I do? If you want to have exactly looking for scenic shots before they arrived at the park, you can save time. May find that other photographers to capture spectacular, may find some hidden gems where inconspicuous eyes of others. When taken separately prepared in advance and place a small list and a map you want, you can reduce the time to save a lot of time wasted walking aimlessly.
Montana, Glacier National Park to jam lower in the sky than it looks in pictures taken at (Glacier National Park) is azure Hits Get more colorful.
2. The natural light is most beautiful when the sun hung low in the sky.

Early in the morning or around dusk quality, any time we are able to express the depth of the texture of the land took time low in the sky. Photographers say those 30 minutes before and after sunrise and sunset "prime time". Midday sun is too flat to express the contrast of textures.
Utah, Zion National Park (Zion National Park) who sees the photos inside view put more in the frame, as shown in this picture taken from a feeling that they are entering into the landscape like.
3. Shoot a picture into the foreground.

Simply I do not want to show only the appearance of the landscape. People would like the feeling of the moment took place when the photos to see my picture in the picture. One way is to take the view put in the picture to the foreground not the background. This allows people to see the photographs the scenery the scenery rather than looking inside will feel as if they own. When you take a picture will grab the lower bend your knees or your body posture and then lowered the camera from the ground to a height of less than 1m.
When using a polarizing filter New Mexico, White Sand Dunes National Monument (White Sand Dunes National Monument) with a blue light in the sky, you can capture richer like a photograph.
4. Day strong sunlight, use a polarizing filters.

When put against the blue sky picture often it does color born alive than when viewed with the naked eye. In this case, when using a polarizing filter depends completely. Please return the filter in until it is mounted on the lens you are using a polarizing filter state (or any state in front of the camera), show a deep, rich blue sky as the colors captured in the viewfinder desired.
The law of thirds in this picture is Katmai National Park and Preserve, Alaska (Katmai National Park) to complement the look of a sleeping bear shot in a more visual.
5. Take advantage of the rule of thirds.

When the subject is in place in the middle of the image from the photo frame, you see people are focused on the center of the picture and overlook things around in that come with the frame. Imagine a nine square grid of the frame. Consider placing your subject slightly to the side, not from the central grid. This allows people to view the photos will look more closely around the background.
Use a tripod if you are a big help to shoot the scene without camera shake in of Utah, Bryce Canyon National Park (Bryce Canyon National Park).
6. When using a tripod, you can take better pictures.

Focus steady the camera while holding hands, exposure setting, and a group established hard look at both the shutter speed. Is fit all this at the same time. In this case, the simplest solution is to just use a tripod. Use a tripod to hold sway, and not only think calmly for a little more time and time meantime, you can more accurately capture the desired scene.
People usually try to take a picture in front of you as you take on US President Abraham Lincoln. But if you look at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC (Lincoln Memorial) Inside, you can take on a much more unique angle with a circle of photographers.
7. Please use the "circle of photographers."

Meet the desired scenery, people standing right on the spot, most take the picture. The best photographers will use the concept of "original photographer (photographer's circle)". Stroll around the It means to find the best angle. The angle to take a chance on a great photo moment I met the beautiful scenery likely stand is almost nil.
When you take a landscape that hold the camera horizontally for granted, but may be considered more various attempts unexpected treasures, as shown in the photo Wyoming, Devils Tower (Devils Tower) and South Dakota Mount Rushmore (Mount Rushmore) you.
8. Turn around and look at the camera!

When you find the scene you want to take, I take turning around looking at the camera horizontally or vertically. When you use a digital camera that is not bound by the capacity of the dip so much more to see and wider choice of mob! As you organize your pictures taken at home, you often look for the next best thing is in fact better results.
Looking at these pictures would just difficult to know that you have taken from Olympic National Park, Washington (Olympic National Park, on the left) and the National Mall in Washington, DC (National Mall, right). So a habit to always note will help.
9. Please note.
As you travel across the country traveled to whether and when a beautiful sunset photo taken from where it easily forgotten. Always I have traveled a note pad and pen note you are in the habit of doing in some places. This storied divided into picture when recording once you have got home even more.
To enjoy the spectacular, as El Capitan (El Capitan) in Yosemite National Park, California (Yosemite National Park) do not forget that the camera should not down briefly.
10. Put down the camera.

National Park trip one day you may find your peace of mind may be an amazing experience. But photographers attach the camera slap in the face I spend most of your time taking pictures. To give full time to briefly try himself facing a beautiful view. Breathe deep breath to feel the sun tickling your face look occasionally listen to the ears revolving wind.