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12 Tips to follow when choosing your photographer

I recently discovered that the market flooded with photographers, especially wedding photographers. And anyone can take a picture is certainly a photographer, but they are not professional photographers. I went by a lot of people heard how unhappy they are about their pictures and they thought the photographer Professional beforehand. So how do you know?
 Here are some things to look out for choosing your photographer.

12 Tips to follow when choosing your photographer

 1) Is it a full-time job or just doing their too? Note that you do get professional photographers who only see weekend’s photography as their work.
 2) How does their you, how their business? Do You get professional emails and phone calls? How come the person to your appointment?
 3) Have their a professional quote?
 4) Insist on their contract to protect you and themselves? They should also a "model release" to discuss with you and it should be part of their contract. This allows them to use your photos for marketing, would your consent.
 5) a Professional photographer will tell you about his work to show a proper website or Facebook site. They will most of the time also have an album with their work.
 6) They will have at least two photographers on your wedding day. There is no way that a photographer can all decrease.
12 Tips to follow when choosing your photographer
 7) Ask about their experience, studied their picture (not a weekend course) or how long their all photos
 8) Equipment ... This is the tough one for most married couples do not know the difference between photography equipment. The Nikon and Canon cameras they are sold at most Makro, Dion etc. considered amateur equipment. Professional photographers will buy their equipment at professional photographer shops and serviced. a Professional camera starts usually in the region of R25000 without lenses or a flash. Lenses are anything from R10000 to R40000 per lens for wedding photos. Most professional photographers will also lose and have lights that they bring.
 9) As a result of the above will be a professional photographer just under R6000 ask for a wedding. It includes no prints or photo albums in it,   pictures on a CD. This is for two people for 10 hours on their feet all day. Very expensive equipment and insurance on it. And then, of course, the hours of editing afterwards on expensive software. a Professional photographer will or Photoshop, Lightroom or Aperture use.
12 Tips to follow when choosing your photographer
 10) A professional photographer will be more than just one wish, they will be a fire. Whether their name or a business name that is considered business. They will use those fire as much as who give their you or do. That fire will grow and publicize their business. So they will spend money on memory sticks, CDs etc. that their your photos to give you. It's that small final touches that they are going to remember and also recommended.
 11) You should never have to wait more than a month for your photos. If you want to make albums, make sure they do the professional types and not the usual thin sheets. They will be able to show you different types of paper and slate. Your album will be shown digitally for you and signed by you before they print it. They can show you all the different options that you can still print.,
 12) A Couples shoot before the wedding is a great way to find out whether you are happy with your photographer. You can, of course, do with each photographer to test, but will give you that final tranquility with your photographer before the big day.
 To conclude. Your photographer alongside your two most important person at that wedding. They are the only one of your service providers give you something to remember you for the rest of your life. Most of the time experienced your first your wedding completely When you see the pictures because the day is too much for most to take in. You can see emotions on pictures you can not explain. Do not take chances given to someone who got a camera for Christmas and call themselves now a professional photographer. People always pay thousands of flowers like a day but they do not want to spend money on a photographer, something you have for rest of your life.
This is just a small list to try to help the couple, I'm sure there are professional photographers who may have with me will disagree on some things.
12 Tips to follow when choosing your photographer
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